Is There a Tinder for Over 50?

While I was writing this article, I was thinking about love in the time of internet. As technology has changed and connectivity has modified to include people in different geos, dating too, has changed. Most people don’t go the traditional route anymore and have turned to dating apps. But is there anything like tinder over 50? Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps and was one of the pioneers in the field.

It has revolutionized dating and, in some ways, the hookup culture too. Men and women in the age range of 20-40s use dating apps a lot, but what about people who are above 50? Is there a tinder for over 50?

Many seniors have commented that Tinder is very specific for the younger generation. Even though there isn’t any age bar to sign up on that, the expectations and the type of users are very different from what people over 50 expect. Some dating apps do have age-based filtering, but does it actually help meet the needs of the older population?

The needs of the older age group are different. They don’t want just hook-ups, kids or marriage. Most people in their 50s have been married, have raised kids, but they are not interested in hook-ups either. So, what do they want? Simply put they wanted someone to love and be loved by them. This can happen without the need for marriage in a genuine relationship.

Many in this age group felt that some dating apps are too aggressive for them and what they desired was something different. Single people over 50 are looking for friendships, companionship and love. Only sex isn’t what they are after. Because of this, some other apps have come up, which are specifically for seniors. Lumen and tinder for seniors are some dating apps which are like tinder for over 50.

Most above 50 have usually been in long term relationships and have children. So, here are some dating tips that can be used when going through dating apps.

  • Sensitive topics – ease into talking about sensitive topics. Most will have college aged children, would have been through a marriage or a relationship and could have health issues. You don’t have to talk about all this on the first chat or meet. Accept that all or some of these will exist and don’t focus on them too much. Just get to know each other well first.
  • Don’t internalize rejection – No one likes to feel rejection. You may be new to dating or someone who has had experience, rejection doesn’t feel good. Don’t take things personally when someone doesn’t respond after a few flirty messages on dating apps. There are many people you can meet online, so don’t take rejections to heart.
  • Embrace age – Feel sexy and confident about your age. Don’t worry that you may be too old for this. Don’t lie about or hide your age. Show your age in a mature way and focus on better things like your interests and experiences.
  • Make needs known – Be open about your needs. You aren’t in your 20s anymore so what you want has to be different from is expected from a 22-year-old. If you are someone who likes to travel with a companion instead of staying in to get physical, be upfront about it. Don’t compromise in fear that you won’t find anyone to date.

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